Hey Everyone!

Well this year has taken off like the weeds in our garden!  We must be having fun because I have no idea how over half the year passed so fast!  Even with taking the month of May off, Dr Breeze has been busier than a one-armed trombone player.  We've had some really great gigs this year as we look forward to what's next.  

No matter how busy we get though, the last day of July is one that hits me every year as day the world stopped a dozen years ago when one of my best friends passed away.  I was on my way home from a gig in Gulf Shores when I got the news.  I was devastated.  Kevin Frere was one of the best men I had ever known and an incredibly talented drummer in bands we played together in for 14 years.  I think of him often.

They say that many of the problems in modern society stem from the lack of a father figure in single parent families where the man walks away and little boys lack a role model.  I was fortunate enough to have three great male role models in my life my grandfather who was not musically inclined, but recognized early on my natural musical ability and helped bankroll my early career, my dad who had as difficult a childhood as one could imagine and did his best to provide for his family and my good friend Kevin with whom I shared some of the happiest days of my life both on and off the stage.  My song Footprints is dedicated to these three influential men in my life.  Please take a moment to listen.

And speaking of playing in bands, I played music in bands for over 20 years.  It's an experience most folks will never have and as you place your trust in other people, moving parts playing the correct notes at the right time in the correct rhythm as you move through a piece of music in an attempt to entertain a crowd.  Over time, you develop a certain degree of respect and loyalty towards those you're playing with and realize that it's not just about you.  During the 90s, I lived in Germany and played in a group that used backing tracks where certain instruments such as percussion, bass, keyboards, etc. are recorded.  The advantage is that those recorded players don't ever make mistakes, nor do they ever get paid or have attitudes.  The disadvantage is that you don't get the live band feel, although many tracks these days come awfully close.  Our band had a keyboard player using tracks and another guitar player, just two German musicians and yours truly.  We all sang and we'd fill the dance floors at  festivals with people who knew how to enjoy the moment and it was all good and the folks had fun and they couldn't care less about the technical aspects of the sound.  Sehr gut!

Finally, as we move into the final stretch of summer and you've been thinking about that tropical pool side party you've been wanting to host and you need some great music, let us know!  We also specialize in wedding receptions, class reunions, Mardi Gras events, themed events such as Halloween, Patriotic Veterans Day, Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick's Day or any reason to have good music and good times.  Please visit our Dr Breeze Website and Facebook Page. As the summertime slowly comes to an end, please do your best to . . . .
Remain cool!!